Tell me more Michael Fair

 Born: May 30, 1957 in St. Paul Minnesota

Education: Middle Tennessee State University

Favorite food: Sea bass

Favorite book: No Easy Day

Favorite movies:  It's A Wonderful Life, On Any Sunday

Favorite drink: Crown Royal Black over ice or 12 year old Scotch

Favorite tool: Sears torque wrench

Favorite TV shows:  The Mentalist and Pawn Stars

Pets: A Dog, Summer, Two cats Bianca and Maggie ( see Music “Where's Maggie?”)

Favorite Cities: Bozeman, Montana and Greenville, South Carolina

Who influenced you? Herb Alpert, Chuck Mangione, Chet Baker

What type of flugelhorns do you play? Yamaha YFH-631 and a Yamaha YFH-631oz

What type of mouthpiece do you use? Schilke 14F4

What type of trumpet do you play? Bach 43 bell large bore reverse lead pipe

What type of mouthpiece do you use? Schilke 14A4A  Bach 3C

What is that little trumpet? ( a frequently asked question at gigs) A pocket trumpet!

- - - - - - - - - -

Q: When did you discover your love for the trumpet?

A: When I was twelve years old listening to Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass.  The song was "The Lonely Bull".  I loved the sound of the instrument and knew I wanted to emulate Herb Alpert's playing.

Q: Why do you prefer to write and record smooth jazz?

A: To me the groove and the tone are as important to make a musical statement as are the changes. Smooth jazz to me leans heavily upon the groove and the sound and that's what moves me.

Q: What is the story on your co-writer Brandon Barnes?



A: Brandon is a multi Grammy nominated writer  I met in Nashville twelve years ago right after the release of Brian McKnight’s first CD which Brandon had co-written a number tunes on. Brandon heard me play, loved the sound of my flugelhorn and approached me about doing a smooth jazz record. The rest is history.

Q: What CD are you listening to right now?

A: Trammel Starks, Jet Stream

Q: Who are some of the artists you have shared the stage with?

A: Michael McDonald, Christopher Cross, Larry Carlton, Olivia Newton John, Claude McKnight, Jim Horn, Amy Grant, Beth Nielsen-Chapman, Kirk Whalum, Sam Cooke, Victor Wooten, John Hiatt, Donna Summer, Greg Allman, Gary Puckett, Carman, Lee Greenwood and Leon Russell

Q: What are your interests other than music?

A: Motorcycles (I own a BMW and Aprilia) travel, home improvement, and R/C planes